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Quality City Water
Max. Pressure 125 psi | 8.6 bar (based on filter housing rating)
Temperature 4°C – 40°C / 40°F – 104°F
L x W x H 739 x 528 x 1111 mm -29.09″ x 20.79″ x 43.74″
Inlet Water Connection 3/4″ Male NH Connector
Garden Hose Connection 3/4″ Male NH Connector


No, DO NOT drink the water treated by this system. This water is deionized and not suitable for human consumption. 

Please use filtered water or city water.  

DO NOT use hot water with this system. While the maximum rated system temperature is 104°F (40°C), we do not recommend using the system for hot water rinsing applications. 

The ZeroSpot should be installed before the pressure washer or pressure pump. Please ensure to purge hose connections installed after the ZeroSpot and run water through the unit before drawing with a pressure washer. As the max draw/flow rate of consumer-grade pressure washers may vary, please first check to ensure the pressure washer specifications are compatible with the ZeroSpot, which has maximum flow rate of 2.5GPM (9.5LPM). If used with pressure washer that has a higher draw/flow rate than the ZeroSpot, or with a pressure washer that requires the use of a holding tank, then it is recommended for the user to fill a clean auxiliary holding tank that is dedicated for deionized water and not connect the pressure washer directly to the ZeroSpot. If used incorrectly or with an incompatible pressure washer (in terms of flow rate), there is a risk of cavitation which may/will cause damage to the ZeroSpot. 

 No, these items are not included with the ZeroSpot system.  


Yes, but you should ensure the old garden hose and sprayer are purged of old water prior to installing ZeroSpot. Old water may contain hard minerals and leave water spots on your car. If purging an old hose is not possible, then use a separate garden hose and sprayer specifically for the ZeroSpot system.

The exhausted media is categorized as non-hazardous commercial waste and is landfill safe. Please also consult with your local waste collection service for the relevant disposal policy.  

We recommend the use of a standard spray nozzle with a flat or center spray setting to limit the flowrate. Additionally, we also recommend using a flow restrictor. 

The ZeroSpot resin is a strong-acid cation/strong-base anion mixed-bed exchange resin. 

Please refer Treatment Capacity Table.
Treatment Capacity Table – Recommended rinse parameters (45 psi / 4.5 LPM)
Feed Water TDS (ppm) Treated water (L) Treated water (gal) # of rinses @ 3 minutes of spray # of rinses @ 5 minutes of spray
25 3750 991 278 167
50 1,875 495 139 83
100 938 248 69 42
150 703 186 52 31
200 469 124 35 21
250 375 99 28 17
300 313 83 23 14
350 268 71 20 12
400 234 62 17 10

Using ZeroSpot with extremely hard water will cause the system to become exhausted at a faster rate. 

If the system is not being used, store the system indoors. For storage, avoid exposure to direct sunlight and protect from the elements. Avoid freezing to prevent damaging the system.  

If the system is not being used for more than 3 weeks, relieve hose pressure, open the housings using supplied wrench, remove cartridges and empty water from housings. Place cartridges in a location that will not create water damage, i.e., a sink or drain. Allow cartridges to drain completely before returning them to the housings. 

The resin cartridges have a shelf life of more than two years. After two years, the resin’s capacity will gradually start to decline at a rate of approximately 3-5% per year.