A satisfied German customer

We decided to have our OneStop Plus system installed 6 months ago as we have very hard water; 16 degrees German hardness where the scale only goes up to 20! In those 6 months we have not had to clean the water reservoir of our coffee machine once and neither did we have to clean the faucets and shower cabin, whereas before this was a weekly job. Our dish washer is also using a lot less salt and our washing machine is working smoother with clothes coming out softer than before. My experience with Onestop Plus has been very positive and I would recommend it to others who have issues with hard water!

Grundfos Russia

These days we are very happy about Global Water Solutions. As you know we have changed to use your tanks on all our systems, and it looks very good and professional. I am happy that we had a good cooperation in this case. All seems to be working without problem for us.

End user Testimonial

We are very impressed with the excellent communication and outstanding service Global Water Solutions has given us, to resolve the problem I was having with my system. The process was seamless and I will highly recommend Global Water Solutions and the products they represent. I must also say that the personal attention was very much appreciated and the professional manner they assisted me with was exceptional.

Seminar Visitor

Thanks for the opportunity to attend the tank seminar in Christchurch today. I feel that everyone who buys and installs tanks should have attended. I learned a lot.


After evaluating several potential suppliers for expansion vessels, we found that there was no one that could match Global Water Solution in terms of quality to price. Delivering some of the highest quality cylinders in the marketplace, means that we can only choose the best equipment. GWS showed flexibility and customer service that was unmatched, and their expansion vessels outperformed the competition in our extensive lifetime test program. We are convinced that our choice was the right one.

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