Liquid Water Softener Cleaner


Resin Rx - The Program

Why Resin Rx?

The Resin Rx Story:

Resin Rx is changing the way people clean and maintain their water softener. People spend thousands of dollars when they purchase their water softeners. Most would argue it is a good investment. What is more important to your home and family than clean, healthy water?
The question is what do homeowners do after the sale to take care of the investment… typically nothing. It is common practice to have service people come annually to service furnaces, air conditions, and water heaters… the water softener is generally forgotten.
As the resin performs its function, it becomes exhausted and needs cleaned or revived. That is when Resin Rx comes in. Resin Rx is the most powerful resin cleaner on the market. It will bring your water softener resin back to peak performance by cleaning harmful contaminants from the resin that salt cannot.